Adulting is no joke.

During the days of preschool, playgroups, halloween parties, and boxed macaroni and cheese lunches, it is safe to say I never knew what was coming. These were the times of dial-up internet, playtime in the backyard, no iPads at the dinner table, and cordless land lines with headsets. This luxury allowed people everywhere to watch children, clean the house, cook meals, and socialize with the bff all at the same time.

We called this multi-tasking.

As any veteran parent knows, juggling parental duties evolves into multitasking on steroids. Next comes carpool, homework, school projects, exposing children to a plethera of sports practices, lessons in the arts, church activities, travel, volunteering and more, all with the intention of creating a well rounded specimen of a child.

We call this the rat race.

Having abandoned the parenting rat race and waiting to witness how life will look for our young adults, I find myself still struggling for peace most days…the next stage of parenting.

We call this uncertainty with a pinch of loss of control.

Even during the early parenting days, there were health, financial, marital, time, and work challenges which seemed crippling at the time. I’ve learned over time these circumstances wax and wane, but will never be completely eliminated, at least not in this lifetime.

Parents may become devastated when watching their own graduate from high school. For so many, it is a huge source of worry and concern. Where has the time gone? Will he/she go to college, and where will this be? Will it be trade school? Will it be work? What does this mean for the family finances? These are all legitimate concerns. I look at that time in the life of my family and realize I had no idea what was lurking around the corner.

There is a very relevant car commercial currently airing which addresses parents imagining the worse in regards to safety as their children age into adulthood–As it stands, there are no guarantees of safety for our children, there are no guarantees of the dream job after college, there are no guarantees for good health…

The guarantee is that everything works out for our good and for theirs. It may not look like what we expected, but life is full of surprises.

It is easy to look at the past and recognize I did not walk alone in any phase, any challenge, any crisis, and any blessing. It is not easy to wait for the result of future circumstances even when I know from past history I will not be alone.

We call this relinquishing control and trusting the best is yet to come.

My parental duty now is to be supportive, to be available, to be still, and to wait…all while praying for health, praying for safety, praying for direction, and praying for purpose for each person in my family, as well as for myself.

...because someday I know I will look back and not even be able to believe what was coming next…

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